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Sathguru Swami Venkatarama Siddha

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(Glimpses of Arunachala Siddha
Sathguru Swami Venkataraman)


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...... excerpts from the book

“Sathguru Swami Venkataraman’’
He does not belong to our earth alone!

Sathguru Swami Venkataraman was seen in his vibrant spiritualism even just before he exercised to shed his physical mortals. The Siddhas enjoy the superlative right to enter and exit the world at their supreme will, also at the divine behest. Thousands of his followers have relished his unparalleled knowledge-chest for more than five decades. Definitely such a humongous knowledge-trust even by all physical parameters could not have been academically built up. The whole divine bonanza got divinely dawned on him as a coveted spiritual treasure divined in the excellent Gurukulavasa harmonized with Spiritual Master Sathguru Idiappa Siddha Easa .

The Sathguru’s glorious Gurukulasa episodes illumining his pinnacle of divinity are expounded in separate volumes in Tamil. Sathguru Swami Venkataraman’s godly living with us shall obtain eternally cherished to guide millions heartily in all stages of life in all the worlds, all the time too. Thus Sathguru Swami Venkataraman does not belong to our earth planet alone. What else can elaborately be defined of the glorious Sathguru who could traverse millions of worlds, stars, planets etc., all at a mere will at any point of time, day and night continually, manoeuvred by the grace of God Arunachala!


Arunachala, Arunachala Jyothi, TiruAnnamalai, Siddhas
all integrated into the Supreme Being!

* God Arunachala’s one of the greatest devotees, Sathguru Swami Venkatarama Siddha glittering as the supernal splendor of Chitpurushas of our times, merged with the holy hill of Arunachala on 29th January 2008, thereby the eternity divinely got configured to his timelessly timed physical mortals.
* The Sathguru clearly stated that it was Goddess Angala Parameswari whose worship he intuitively adopted as rendered by his Sathguru Idiappa Esa Siddha endeared him with pristine purity to God Arunachala! Glory to Angala Parameswari! Blessing the universe from Her Temple perched in Royapuram, Chennai, Tamilnadu, Goddess Angali gifted to the world such an omniscient, enthralling, divinely splendiferous Chitpurusha in Sathguru Swami Venkatarama Siddha! To the devoted, the Sathguru, Goddess Angali, Arunachala are one and the same.
* Sathguru Swami Venkatarama Siddha remained divinely treasured to have come across his Spiritual Master, Sathguru Idiappa Esa Siddha right from his tender schooling age itself and within a short span, his Sathguru Idiappa Esa Siddha blossomed him into an illustrious Chitpurusha of our times!
* Sathguru Swami Venkatarama Siddha always deemed himself to be with all pious humility an “eternal slave to Goddess Angali’’ and living in the footprint of his Sathguru Idiappa Esa Siddha forever, on the perpetually cherished Arunachala Course.
* Sathguru Swami Venkatarama Siddha’s splendid Gurukulavasa events brimming with immense spirituality acquired from innumerous spiritual training sessions with his Sathguru if presented textually would run into voluminous treatises. Yet you can come across glimpses of such scintillating episodes enacted with Sathguru Idiappa Esa Siddha in Tamil books titled “Adimai Kanda Anandham!’’
* The universe originates from and merges within the holy hill of Arunachala for the simple reason, the Supreme Being manifests as this holy hill, which in essence, declares this sacred hill as the largest Swayambhu Lingam of the universe! And quite naturally, all worlds, planets, stars of the cosmos are very well embedded in subtlest forms into this sacred Arunachala hill!


* The Almighty’s real form appearing here as the holy hill of Arunachala, encompasses the sanctified city of TiruAnnamalai, which is accorded and granted the status of reverent site for the Siddhas to render divine management system eternally.


The Sathguru’s holy hand springing up out of the pious pyre in the blessed state
The most enthralling feature of the “Sathguru Swami Venkatarama Siddhas” finale was that his right hand rose to bless the world amidst the igneous flame from the most pious pyre that astounded the gathering in the most reverred tones !
* Sathguru Swami Venkatarama Siddha, on relinquishing his resplendent physical mortals on 29.1.2008 to indicate cessation for the said human infrastructure acquired in this earth, continues to serve the spiritual, ethereal, subtler and material worlds eternally in the subtlest, causal and divinely integrated forms. Such perpetual divine service is the hallmark of all Siddhas and Saints (Maharishis), Yogis, Jnanis, who are not clogged with the barren cycle of birth- clings.